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I was able to fly out to Abbotsford this last week to meet my new nephew Wade. On my way back to Regina, I couldn’t help but think this is a pretty neat digital age we live we. I know there is too much focus on social media, that people are too often focused on their phones then people. There is truth to that. But I think back 15 – 20 years ago, the ability to book a reasonable priced flight across the country wasn’t really an option. That we didn’t have our smart phones to take photos and send those photos to our family. Instead we waited impatiently for a letter that maybe had a photo included. Something to be said for the moving forward of technology.

That is my tangent of thought for this post!

Anyway, Wade is a cute baby, though as an auntie I may prejudiced towards this. But seriously isn’t he cute? He wasn’t too keen on having his photo taken though, might be taking after his auntie! My sister and brother in law are outdoor people (how can you live in Abbotsford and not be?), so we went off to the wilderness that my sister had found for baby photos. It was so pretty. Seriously, anyone getting married in Abbotsford? You want a photographer? I must still be in wedding mode because I kept thinking ohhhh that would be a good spot for a bridal portrait or there would be good for the bride/groom, that spot over there would be great for a wedding party. I love Sask, I truly do but there is something about the vibrancy of greens that we don’t get here as much, even in the summer. The moss and multi-shades of greens is just so……. Pretty. Seriously – getting married out that way – hit me up we can work something out!

After our little jaunt, Wade and I spent some time by yourselves back in his home. That would be the number one perk to being the photographer for at least an hour, auntie gets time with her nephew and can fend off others that want to hold him :) Definite perk.

Welcome to the world Wade. I can’t wait to see what type of personality you have. I kinda of hope you are like your momma, because she made our lives so much more…………. interesting. Yes definitely interesting. So Wade I hope you  make your momma and pops life “interesting”.

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