Favorites of 2013

Every year I go through my archives. I look over the last year sessions. I critique myself. I think. I analyze. I remember moments. I remember emotions at the time of that photo. I remember ‘ah-ha’ technical moments where a concept suddenly came into place. Why some photos will make it to my favorites list and not others? That is tricky. While I like to be logical and factual, this is one area, where my heart and soul, it just picks images. Maybe it’s because I remember that moment when I took that photo. Maybe it causes me to feel an emotion. I don’t know. But they are images I come back to and I feel something.

I’ll be doing a series of these over the next bit, broken down into categories.

But first the following three images are my top favorites above all else from the year. Why these three? They captured what I was feeling at the moment and time. They are the three images that I printed, framed and have around my house. And they still tug at my soul every single time I see them.

Number One


Number Two


Number Three


Favorite Images of 2013: Wedding
Favorite Images of 2013: Portrait
Favorite Images of 2013: Engagment
Favorite Images of 2013: Family
Favorite Images of 2013: Still Life

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