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This summer I announced that I would be offering a new type of photography session to my line up. The sessions are Documentary Lifestyle.

The reason I started looking into this type of session was I value moments. Real life moments. One of my favourite quotes is “I’m sick of pinterest and facebook showing perfectly styled lives. This is my life and I love it just as it is” – Susan Stripling. That hit a part of my photographic soul. I love pretty things. I am also guilty of only showcasing the pretty things. I don’t show the unmade bed, the sink full of dishes and the dust bunnies that could probably start a revolt if they wanted to. I think there is this pressure to be ‘perfect’. and you know what? Life isn’t perfect. Social media makes us think everyone’s world is prefect but it’s not. But you know what is perfect? Little moments. Tickles in bed. Cuddling a puppy. Riding bikes with your siblings. Having dad bounce you so high you laugh. Mom pushing you on the swing. Running through fields. Riding your horse. That is all perfect. It’s kisses and hugs, it’s laughter and tears.


These type of sessions are for all families of all sorts. One session found me out in Stweart Valley. The daughter who had a smaller session wanted photos of her parents. Her mom and dad are ‘retired’ farmers. I use the term retired loosely because is any farmer ever truly retired? Their daughter is an avid scrapbooker (you can check out her classes and scrapbook kits at Photoworks in Swift Current!) so she had a few things she really wanted. Her dad in the garden and in his shop. Her mom with her quilting and flowers. Both of them out in the wheat fields.


Some sessions are a mix. We do a bit of both. Because we know the grandmas want the photo of everyone smiling looking at the camera! Natasha is a budding photographer and wanted photos with her girls doing the things they do together. We collected eggs and then baked some cookies.


I am so thankful that these families welcomed me into their homes. I feel blessed I had this time to spend with them,  capturing those little every day moments that can be printed and spark conversations about ‘remember when……?’. Photos that can bring smiles, laughter, conversation and maybe even a tear or two.



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