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So. I’ve been wanting to take a cooking class. But I keep chickening out. Well last minute I decided to sign up for the ice cream class. After all it’s ice cream. How bad can it be? And it seemed to destined to be. I had been eying it for a while but when I booked the night before, my spot was the very last spot.

1Sadly no photos of the end result because I had to run to catch my bus. It was the last bus heading back to the north end. I was able to taste three of the different sorbets and the custard base ice cream but wish I could have tasted a few more things.

I really enjoyed the instructor, she has a passion for food and fresh food. I’m hoping once life slows a bit in the winter that I might be able to do another class. Perhaps on something more practical than ice cream. I didn’t really enjoy doing the group thing though. We worked in pairs and the lady I was paired with sort of annoyed me. In the end we ended up doing flavors I had little say in for our three samples. And I know I’m not skilled in the kitchen but that’s why A I’m taking a class and B I learn by doing, not by having this chick critique me.

They did let me take photos though. I explained it was for a personal project. Not some secret food blogger or anything of the like. Just working on a personal thing. And the chef was cool with that.

So what did I learn?

– cooking class has the potential to be fun
– it’s a way to try out some new foods without having to order a full plate of it
– I hate working in groups – didn’t really learn that I knew that but it was super confirmed
– I am a mess in the kitchen – seriously my workstation looked pretty bad
– that maybe just maybe cooking can be enjoyable – the jury is still way out on this one but I did enjoy parts of it
– fresh food tastes way good – I need to get to the farmer’s market on Saturday for some fresh stuff

So I hope to in the winter maybe take another class or two. From next week to Thanksgiving my schedule looks a bit….. well insane wouldn’t be too out there of a description. So I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit in any others. I did look at what was avaiable but all the ones I would want to take are on days when either I’m working at the nursing job or I’m photographing a wedding. Overall, an interesting experience and not as bad as I thought it would be.


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