Blumenort Wedding | Tyson + Stephanie

This was a special wedding for me. About a year ago my cousin had asked if I would photograph her wedding and not only was I honored, I was thrilled and excited. I love the farm in Blumenort. It’s a place that feels like another home. My Auntie Lois always keeps a beautiful home that could come out of House and Home magazine. The yard is within walking distance of half dozen old buildings that have grand texture and appeal. It’s surrounded by fields of various crops. I adore this place. And I adore the people that live in this home. I was more than a bit nervous about it but as usual, Stephanie had me smiling within minutes of being there. Jessica made sure that I had everything I needed. My youngest sister Kacey had me laughing at her antics.  I have seemed to notice a trend in the wedding blogs about no getting ready images. This I don’t really understand as this one of my favorite parts of the day.


It always sweet to see the emotions of the day as well…..


Stephanie and Tyson had decided to have their main photos done before the ceremony. I’m very agreeable to whatever the couple wants, but have to admit I really like doing the photos beforehand. I have not had one of my couples ever say they dislike having them done then. It’s a nice quiet time for the two of them (well and me their little – or my case big – shadow). This was no different. Stephanie had even made a special spot by the barn to share a glass of wine before we started photos, complete with table, chairs and chandelier.


Afterwards we roamed through some prairies and roads. Due to the rain we didn’t get into as many fields as had planned but we still found some pretty sweet spots. At one point the rain came down, but we busted open some umbrellas and stood on this little Saskatchewan country road for some photos anyway. Rain was not going to put a damper on this parade! And a special shout out to my mom who designed all the amazing florals for the wedding party. I have to admit our family is that family that has people that all have the talents to pull off pretty spectacular weddings/parties.


Below are my two personal favorites….. well I had a few favorites – I think it had a lot to do with the people! But if someone said I had to choose a favorite it would be between these two images.


There was a field that the wedding was held in. Surrounded by crops, big Saskatchewan sky, a cluster of trees to hang chandeliers from. It was perfect.


And yes they really did leave by helicopter. How awesomely cool is that? I’m still a wee bit jealous that there wasn’t room for the photographer to go along……. but it made for a very dramatic exit since the only people that knew were less than five and Tyson – the groom – was not aware of this exit!

I could just keep writing and sharing photos but I think this is enough to give a feel for the day. Congratulations Tyson and Stephanie!

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  1. Jessica Houston says:

    Absolutely beautiful Tara! The words written and the photos shared. You are a fantastic person and photographer. Love everything about this post!

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