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I recently spent almost 3 weeks in Thailand. It was a destination that I have wanted to go to years. Yet I always put it off. I always had a good excuse – too much money, too far away, not enough time off work, house needs work done etc. Those are good solid reasons to not go. Yet sometimes you just have to say the consequences be damned, conquer what is hold you back and just do it. This was the year I did that. My only regret? I didn’t go years earlier. I have been lucky to travel a fair bit (though this was my first time to Asia), so i have number of places I have enjoyed visiting. Thailand was easily my favourite.

My first stop was Bangkok. Bangkok is an experience. I think especially for us that live in these wide open spaces. There are more people living in the city of Bangkok then all of Saskatchewan (by quite a bit). Process that. I visited a few of the touristy things. As usual, most of my favourite photos were from the lesser touristy things.

One of those stops was the Bangkok Flower Market – Pak Klong Talad. For me it was a photographer’s dream. I think I should clarify that. When I travel the photos I take tend to be of what I want to remember about the location – usually the people, the light, the details. I think for every tour I did (which wasn’t many) I would baffle my poor guide, as they would show me such and such landmark, I may or may not take a photo. Then she would turn around and wonder where I went and I would be crouching behind a pillar trying to capture something in a market, or some little detail. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t her average tourist. Anyway, the flower market. It’s amazing for three reasons. 1. The amount of flowers. Seriously it blows your mind away the quantity of flowers (and the prices!). 2. The light is very interesting in there 3. The people are very interesting there.

Bangkok 1

Another interesting stop was the River Kwai. This has a museum for the Prisoners of WW II that were forced to build a railway for the Chinese. It was a sobering experience. In the museum there is a sign that says ‘Forgive but not Forget”. I’m not a real history buff, but I do believe we need to learn from our mistakes (as a world, a country and personally), so when I have the opportunity to visit sites like this, I do try to fit it in. My guide took me on the train for about a two hour trip, that went over the railway that the POWs had built. I loved the train. That was an activity I could do again and again and again. I really think Canada needs to bring back train travel because of it’s sheer awesomeness. bangkok 2

The day I left to Chiang Mai, I went to the Damnoen Saduak¬† Floating market. It is touristy (super touristy). I did not care. I wanted to see this with my very own eyes. And it did not disappoint. I didn’t care about the touristy stuff that was being sold, it was the people! The boats. The watching life unfold. bangkok 3Chiang Mai was my next stop.

For the photographers who may be interested. I traveled with my Nikon D800 and Nikon 85 mm 1.8 and Sigma Art 35 mm 1.4. There were times I longed for the 70-200 or my macro 105 but for the most part it worked out well. It was not too heavy for lugging around but yet producing the images I wanted.  Feel free to ask me any questions.

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