Still Life Favorites Images of 2013

The last in the series is Still Life. This year I went on a few short trips. Hung out in airports. I moseyed around Saskatchewan. I spent some time out on the farm. And fell in love with peony flowers all over again.

still life favorites

I debated putting this image in my top three – but decided to stick to people for that. This image though is significant for me. I have this thing. I love pretty flowers but….. there is something about a damaged flower that makes it that much more beautiful in my eyes. Maybe it’s the ability that it still has to hold it’s head up high, not caring that petals are missing, that it’s looking rough around the edges, a flower is just happy to be alive, living in the moment. This was taken out in Maple Creek, SK after a massive hail storm that lasted over 30 minutes. There was downed branches and leaves littering the roads and sidewalks. But this little flower, missing some petals, seemed to sway gently with breeze – just happy to still be standing after the storm. Certainly is a life lesson in that.


Everything that kills me, makes me feel alive
Everything that downs me makes me wanna fly
– Counting Stars ~ One Repbulic
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